Our Approach
We understand that outsourcing can be an incredibly difficult decision and that giving someone responsibility of any part of the business you’ve worked so hard for can be a daunting experience which is why we aim to make it as easy as possible and to put your mind at ease.
Our People
Our entire marketing force is friendly and approachable and available to talk to about any questions or concerns you may have. We will never do something that you are unhappy with and this is why we work so closely with our clients so that we have our own relationships and can understand exactly what the goals are.
Our Promise
By using direct marketing we can give you daily updates about how your campaign is going which means any changes you feel necessary can be made immediately. We also work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis which means you won’t pay us until we have met the goals we previously established.
Our Aim
We aim to become an extended part of your business and to help you achieve big things. We take the time to perfect our campaign to represent your brand in the most accurate and honest way imaginable. We will ensure this happens through thorough research, market testing and innovative personalised direct marketing campaigns.
Mojico - mission
Our Misson
Our mission is simple: expand, develop and evolve. By expanding we will bring new, high quality and loyal customers to our clients, but also develop a personal touch towards the consumer. Eventually over time, with a lot of hard work, we will evolve into a unique form of direct sales and marketing agency. Currently we are excited about being a new brand and eager to get our name out there. We want to show off our skills and our innovative campaigns.
We're ambitious95%
We're competitive89%
We're passionate 98%
Mojico - quality
Our Experience
Although a new brand we do have plenty of experience in this field and understand what your customers need to know about you. So from us, your customers will get a friendly welcome and will be educated about your brand and what it offers. This personalised service is going to give off a much more positive vibe than what can be found about you online or in print. Customers will gain a real feel of what you stand for and what your products or services are going to offer them.
We're unique90%
We're fun100%
We're personalised94%
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