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Being a startup we decided that we want to take the excitement that surrounds starting a business and put that at the heart of our business, making sure that excitement surrounds us even as we start to grow. At Mojico we never want to lose sight of what makes us different and what makes our service so special. So we have put together some core values and they are:

Ambition is an attribute any business, big or small, should hold. Ambition is all about having a vision, setting goals and using everything at their disposal to hit those goals. Working around people who are ambitious creates a movement and ensures that a common goal is held between each individual.
Everyone is competitive, whether they know it or not. Sportsmen and woman, lawyers, entrepreneurs and business owners alike all love to compete. Competition at Mojico is not only healthy for the business, but guarantees that we are always one step ahead of our competitors.
There isn’t one person who can say that something doesn’t excite them. Everyone has something they enjoy. Our excitement originates from knowing that the work we put in today, will be an investment for the future.
Where there is a challenge there is an opportunity to create a great story. Having challenges on a day-to-day basis keeps things entertaining whilst pushing us to become the greatest person we can be.
We will always be passionate about what we do, what we want to achieve and our clients. We will be 100% committed to your brand.
We will always be passionate about what we do, what we want to achieve and our clients. We will be 100% committed to your brand.


The reason why we do what we do? Simple – we understand that people buy from people; in fact our ancestors knew this too. They communicated, bought and sold goods and services via face-to-face interactions, not by sending emails or placing advertisements on the television. In today’s society, unfortunately a lot of companies have lost touch with the importance of having a personal rapport with potential new customers.

Forget the traditional forms of marketing like television ads, radio ads, leaflets and print; we will achieve and develop multiple forward-thinking, exciting event marketing campaigns for our clients. B2B marketing will allow for our fun and excitable, sales reps to connect with your target market directly and build the strongest bonds with them, which will of course help your business to retain customers, expand and grow.

Face-to-face interactions should always be the priority of any organisation wishing to acquire new customers. Mojico understands this and will always put your organisation first. We do what we do because again, people buy from people.


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