Books are the driving force behind self-development in the sales and marketing sector states Mojico.

As leading sales and marketing firm, Mojico recognises the importance of committing to continued education, and they promote reading books as one of the best ways to develop and grow.  The company are eager to encourage contractors to learn more about not only their chosen industry but also others, stating how many skills and ultimately knowledge, is transferable and can often put an individual at the forefront of their industry.  

Mojico detail how books are a primary source of knowledge and can be presented in a variety of forms to appear to every type of learner, ranging from audio books, massively detailed books, and more diagram focused books. Mojico state how they are hopeful aspiring entrepreneurs will go back to basics and use books as their primary source of self-education. As such, the firm has detailed their top book picks focused on self-development and education.  

Triggers | Marshall Goldsmith & Mark Reiter: This book focuses on controlling individual triggers to help build and maintain effective habits. The book explores the importance of environment, how these can be moulded and adapted to enhance everyday situations. The book concludes with the hopes of teaching the ability to develop continuous habits that have a direct benefit upon personal performance.  

The Motivation Myth | Jeff Haden: This book written by author and contributor Jeff Haden focuses on many motivational myths, that can help to increase productivity. This book has a strong focus on providing individuals with the ability to accomplish their personal and professional goals, without losing drive in the process.  

The Happiness Equation | Neil Pasricha: The final book on the Mojico must-read book list focuses on producing the ability to define happiness. The book focuses on improving all aspects of life, personal and professional. The act of fulfilment in an entrepreneurial journey can be explored and pinpointed within this book. 

Managing Director, Roel Mojico details the importance of encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to read, to further enable growth and development. The firm actively promotes this through personable recommendations and is hopeful other businesses will see the invaluable importance of books that cover all sectors in the development of young professionals.  



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