“Companies that brunch together, stay together!” says Mojico

Roel Mojico, CEO of the sales and marketing collective Mojico, has been injecting some fun into weekly proceedings by introducing “Breakfast Club Fridays.”

In a bid to keep his office excited, the CEO has been scoping out the trendiest new breakfast spots in Sheffield to treat his recruiters to every Friday. During these brunch dates, Roel and his firm go over the week’s developments, set goals and outline the agenda for the following week.

The company’s recruiters have been enjoying this latest sentiment and consider it a fun and rewarding perk to look forward to at the end of the week. Most recently, Mojico held it’s Friday breakfast club at Sheffield’s quaint new spot, Tamper Coffee, a stone’s throw from the company headquarters.

The inventive business owner believes CEOs who think outside the box and offer exciting and engaging opportunities to their workforce are more likely to establish a positive dynamic within their team successfully. Roel Mojico has revealed he makes a concerted effort to encourage his brand representatives to socialise outside of work, recognising the value and strength of good working relationships.

“I came up with the idea of Breakfast Club Fridays because sometimes it’s good to talk shop outside of the usual office setting every so often.” Explains Roel. “Discussions that take place away from the typical meeting room surroundings can often prove more productive; things can surface which may not have been brought up in a more formal setting.”

Mojico cleverly conducts effective pop-up event marketing, projecting innovative ideas to both their clients and potential customers. The firm stands out by providing personalised services, and a positive vibe consumer can feel and experience first-hand.

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