"Don't Let Your Surrounding Effect Your Performance" Advises Mojico CEO

Committed to success, CEO Roel Mojico wants his team of contractors to become astute in identifying distractions and achieving the ability to maintain long term focus on their personal and professional development. 

Each day the world offers us many opportunities for people to get consumed with distraction.  As a self-made business man, Roel Mojico CEO of Mojico Limited is concerned that becoming overly concerned with uncontrollable external influences can be detrimental to a person’s ability to reach their potential.  On the journey to success, it is vital to maintaining the focus on the overall goal, and this is ultimately why daily tasks are undertaken, becoming fixated on things such as current affairs, the stock market or something as little as the weather can slow down and even reduce the likelihood of achieving sustainable success.

Reflecting on his personal experience during a recent workshop for the firm’s contractors Roel shared his wisdom on how to maintain focus, how it was a learning curve for himself, and several great opportunities were missed until he gained control over his ability to stay on task and maintain a positive approach to every project.  “Things that you simply cannot control should never affect your performance. What’s the point in becoming consumed by thoughts of ‘What If’…I always encourage my guys to make the best of any situation or circumstances!”

Developing his skills in field sales and entrepreneurship was an eye-opening experience, confident that the skills collected could be transferred to all areas of his personal and professional life.  In the early days, he shared how he observed people who had fantastic capabilities become worn down and waste opportunities to fast track their development.  He commented saying that giving in to distractions offered learning opportunities, and it takes a few missed chances to understand the importance of maintaining focus and gaining an advantage over the competition.  To achieve success in a career in entrepreneurship, it is vital to avoid becoming transfixed on uncontrollable things in the immediate surroundings as this shift in focus negatively affects performance.

Forget the traditional forms of marketing like television ads, radio ads, leaflets and print; Mojico promises to achieve and develop multiple forward-thinking, exciting event marketing campaigns for their clients. Event marketing allows for the firm’s fun and excitable, sales force to connect with any target market directly and build the strongest bonds with them, which will help businesses retain customers, expand and grow.

Roel is committed to being a present, approachable mentor for all his contractors and team members. Roel operates an open-door policy for anyone looking to gain advice or guidance on their personal and professional development.



Roel Mojico


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