Mojico CEO on recognising the success of each and every team member

Roel Mojico, the brains behind the sales and marketing firm of the same name, has revealed his plans to reward team members with a fun-filled day trip to a Football match.

Roel has chosen to take his top performers to the Manchester United vs Liverpool game on 14th October. The passionate business owner thinks it is important for any business to celebrate the success of every team member. As a source explains, taking the time to recognise employee achievements helps foster engagement, increases productivity and reduces tension among colleagues in the work environment.

The business owner believes when his brand representatives work hard to achieve something for the good of a business, it is his responsibility to recognise and reward the behaviour accordingly and repeat this by rewarding all employees equally. “If everyone feels equally rewarded, they will feel happier and more cohesive as a unit working within a business,” says the CEO.
Mojico believes that by giving their representatives a significant reward like a trip to a Premier League football game they are more likely to develop a strong sense of pride in themselves and the firm.

The Mojico CEO plans to reward the firm’s two best performers every month: the top performing entry level brand representative and the performing assistant manager. He hopes establishing a regular rewards incentive will set a good example of what contractors have in store for them, should they commit to achieving the highest possible results and performing at record breaking levels.

Mojico wants to highlight that contractors of any level or ranking deserve be to rewarded, ensuring hard work is recognised at the firm, no matter of hierarchy.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun, the whole workforce are football fanatics and I like to reward our superstars with the most desirable incentives possible, so for our team of sports nuts, a day at Anfield is ideal!” said Roel.

Mojico is an ambitious new start-up based in Sheffield. The pop-up event and marketing specialists are leading the way when it comes to original and fresh event and marketing campaigns for their clients. The company is an expert at creating solid, lasting relationships and strong brand impressions with target customers on behalf of clients.


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