Mojico Discuss What Can Be Learnt from Conor McGregor’s Defeat

McGregor may have been defeated last weekend, but sales and marketing company Mojico believe there is a lot that can be said for his ability to maintain a positive mentality and speak critically about his performance, post-fight.

Based in Sheffield, Mojico’s collective of innovative industry specialists regularly seek inspiration from current affairs, sports stars and marketing trends. Most recently, the firm has been inspired by the unwavering positivity of Irish UFC fighter, Connor McGregor.

After failing to beat champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jnr in a fight that was widely regarded the most anticipated boxing bout in the last decade, McGregor gave a confident, dignified post-fight interview with MMA commentator, Ariel Helwani. In the footage, the Dublin star appeared direct and critical, yet composed.

After discussing his chances in the lead up to the fight, the Mojico workforce has this week been looking at the positive message of McGregor’s words during this interview.


Never Be Afraid of Your Weaknesses

McGregor addresses the main weakness in his performance on the night, simply stating: “Fatigue got me. I don’t know what it is. It’s certainly not from not working hard enough… I think it’s a mental thing I need to figure out.” This is a perfect example of someone owning their weaknesses and addressing them head on, in the interest of developing their performance and avoiding making similar mistakes.


Give Your Competitors Credit Where Credit’s Due

In the video, McGregor does not make any excuses and instead complements the various things Mayweather did to win the fight. He did not choose to dwell on his shortcomings and in fact spends very little time focusing on what he did, despite managing an impressive ten rounds in the ring with the undefeated boxing champion.


Take Risks and Learn From Them

While Conor McGregor may have lost the fight, no sports commentator could accuse the UFC sportsman of not taking a risk. As a mixed martial arts fighter, prior to this fight he had never boxed professionally, giving his opponent a huge advantage. In spite of this, he chose to challenge himself, taking a giant risk publicly. Mojico has been urging their contractors to do the same, take a chance when presented with an exciting opportunity regardless of how daunting the prospect may be at first.


The firm’s CEO, Roel Mojico, was keen to highlight that while McGregor may have been defeated, by simply taking the risk in the first place, he was able to make over $100M successfully. He also introduced himself and his skills to millions of sports fans and promoted what is expected to be the highest grossing fight in history. “This mentality and approach to your goals,” says Roel Mojico, “is definitely worth replicating.”


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