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Mojico, a Sheffield based direct sales and marketing firm leading the industry in their native city. As such, the business is atoned to ensuring their workforce remains motivated through troubling times throughout the year, notably the January slump. The firm has detailed their top techniques for keeping to set goals and objectives when motivation can slump.  

Mojico is a forward-thinking outsourced sales and marketing firm that ensure high levels of professionalism in all aspects of the business, ranging from face-to-face campaigns to contractor development. The firm understands the importance of motivation within a business, particularly within such an ever-adapting industry such as sales and marketing. As such, the company has detailed vital techniques to tackle the January slump that takes hold of many young professionals during the start of a New Year.  

January can often see a slump in sales, primarily due to the decline of the festive period hype; consumers are less likely to follow through on purchases, which can subsequently result in deflation of positivity from brand ambassadors. Mojico has identified fundamental ways to fight this phenomenon, and ensure motivation and enthusiasm remains prominent.  

Define Goals: Mojico recognises that an individual that sets goals for themselves, is more likely to regain their sense of motivation to meet those objectives. The more specific the goals, the higher chance of reaching them and not feeling deflated, ensuring the individual remains accountable states Mojico.  

Clearing the mind: Taking the time out of a hectic schedule to re-assess, evaluate and recognise areas for improvement is essential to prevent the January blues yet so is taking time for yourself states Mojico. This element of self-care can range from going to the gym to listening to a leisurely podcast or two, the importance of which lays essential in preventing burn-out.  

Adjust habits: January is known universally as a month for self-reflection, an aspect Mojico detail is no different within the world of business. The firm identifies that January is a crucial time to reflect on an individual’s good and bad habits, and modify what is not having a direct positive effect on the individual’s career.  

The Sheffield based direct sales and marketing firm are seeing great success during the first month of 2018, a fact that they put in part down to the motivation of their brand ambassadors. The company is excited about the year ahead and the numerous self-development in the pipeline for their contractors.  

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