Mojico Fuel Rumours of Expansion as they Test Territory in Bristol

Fresh new pop-up event and marketing company, Mojico, have achieved great success already within their first year of business and are now fuelling rumours of expanding into a new market.

The rumours began to spread when representatives of the firm were spotted conducting market research in Bristol, setting tongues wagging about the company setting their sights on the South Western city.

The Sheffield based start-up have a unique approach to marketing, avoiding the traditional platforms such as television and radio ads, leaflets and print, instead developing multiple forward-thinking, exciting event marketing campaigns for clients. CEO Roel Mojico has full confidence in his team of enthusiastic and excitable sales professionals, who have been successfully acquiring customers on behalf of the firm’s clients – connecting with target markets directly. By building strong bonds, Roel’s workforce has been able to retain, expand and grow their clients’ customer base.

The Managing Director believes the company can bring their diverse expertise to new and different markets, in line with the company mission to “expand, develop and evolve.” Mojico is clearly keeping all their options open, viewing growth as a vital stepping stone to bringing higher quality services to a broader base of clients, creating widespread loyal and satisfied customers.

The firm’s recent market tests in Bristol suggest that Mojico is ready to pursue new opportunities outside of Sheffield, and is on the verge of outgrowing their start up title.

Mojico, a pop-up events and marketing company based in Sheffield are a force of self-motivated and driven individuals, excited to project innovative ideas to customers and clients. The start-up has big dreams, working towards becoming the leaders of original and fresh thinking direct events and marketing campaigns.

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