Mojico - investing in people

Sales and marketing agency, Mojico has revealed their key tactics for investing in ambitious individuals to achieve positive results and huge success.

Sheffield-based Mojico is confident that investing in their ambitious contractors helps them to thrive and develop a strong company culture that everybody is excited to be a part of. The firm believes that happy people are the key to a successful business and has shared how they invest time and energy into helping their contractors enjoy the role they play within the firm as well as helping them to develop and upskill so that they have the ability to experience new roles.

Every Thursday, Managing Director Roel Mojico takes the firm’s newest contractors for a drink in their local bar in order to get to know them and their personal goals as well as their business ambitions. The entrepreneur feels that this is the best way to show that he cares about his contractors and will do what he can to ensure that they meet their own personal targets.

In addition, on Wednesdays Mojico go to local restaurant and bar ‘The Graduate’ to have ‘Win Wing Wednesdays’ a fun activity which encourages the firm to get to know each other. Mr. Mojico has expressed how this weekly event is a great time for the firm to relax and network outside of a business environment. Mojico are firm believes that developing strong business relationships helps to motivate every individual to do the best they can.

Every Friday Mojico also hosts a ‘Winners Circle’ to celebrate the week’s achievements and congratulate those who have accomplished what they set out to at the start of the week. The firm finds this incredibly motivational and believes that this time invested into congratulating each individual will give them the passion needed to push towards their next goal.

Mojico feels that investing this time into getting to know their contractors and offering them these incentives and rewards on a weekly basis helps to drive and motivate them to succeed. In addition to these fun activities the firm also offers a business development opportunity which they have designed to help their contractors develop new skills and move towards their goals. The business development opportunity helps their contractors to master skills such as sales, marketing, leadership, management, public speaking, financing, and much more. Mojico believes that developing each individual not only helps each person to achieve big things but it also allows the business to set bigger goals and strive towards those.

Mojico is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Sheffield. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing which allows them to deliver a personalised marketing campaign directly to consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. This one-to-one interaction with consumers helps Mojico to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


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