Mojico relese a statement on ten habits that

Mojico . The business has a high company culture focused around the idea of progress and self-development, the latest statement is a reflection on their company atmosphere in which all contractors are encouraged to exceed their expectations and reach for the stars. 

Mojico has released a statement on ten daily habits they actively encourage each individual at the firm to adapt well into the new year to start 2018 with a new and exciting outlook.  

Explore Nature: Spending time in nature has a vast array of benefits that are often overlooked, particularly during the colder months. Exploring nature each week helps to reduce stress levels, encourage creativity, and improve memory.  

Exercise: Mojico understands that each person knows the importance of exercise, but not many take it up as much as they should, reaping the benefits that range from improved sleep, brain function and creating more energised individuals.  

Enjoy Time with Friends and Family: The importance of spending time with loved ones is astronomical, Mojico advises even ten minutes in the morning to eat breakfast and catch up with one another. Spending time with others in a social environment has a direct effect on happiness.  

Express Gratitude: Expressing thanks to another individual has not only a positive effect on the receiver but also the giver. Taking part in this habit has a positive impact upon working relationships, helping to contribute to the positive company culture that Mojico possesses.  

Enough Sleep: A lack of sleep has an extensive list of detrimental effects, most notably on an individual’s immune system, making them more prone to illnesses.  

Meditate: Meditation, even as little as ten minutes per day can help reduce stresses and anger that can accumulate during the day in high pressure and busy lives. Meditation and mindfulness is a positive habit that can have a positive impact on numerous aspects of life.  

Set Challenges: A variety of challenges can be used to help contribute to professional success; including but not limited to learning another language, learning a musical instrument etc.  

Laugh: Mojico understands that those who use humour within their lives are more inclined to lead positive lives, having the ability to look at setback with a positive outlook.  

Optimism: Training an individual to create a positive outlook on all of their daily tasks and challenges can be difficult, but once achieved it has an endless list of benefits to the individual’s personal life.  

Human Contact: Human contact with other such as a hug is scientifically proven to improve levels of happiness and contributes to building more effective relationships with others.  

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