Mojico releases a statement on why millennials possess such a high entrepreneurial spirit.

Sheffield based outsourced sales and marketing firm Mojico are eager for the millennial stereotype to be broken once and for all. The firm believes the millennial generation to be more inclined to the entrepreneurial route than those before them, and have detailed their reasons why.   

Their Upbringing: Mojico detail how today’s millennial generation grew up around the idea of entrepreneurship for the first time. The generation grew up following new routes of success via Apple’s Steve Jobs and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Where previous generations looked to the traditional course of the career ladder, the younger aspiring entrepreneurs had their own role models with achievable and tangible ideas.  

Collaborative Ideals: Millennials are shown to be more inclined to discuss ideas, ask for feedback and modify projects, based on opinions from peers. Mojico detail how aspiring millennial entrepreneurs who are now beginning their professional journeys are looking to others to offer support and to receive it through collaboration and teamwork.  

Digitally Inclined: Mojico explore how this point can often be mispresented to Generation Y, millennials have been proven to be more inclined to understand the inner workings of technology, not merely to just use it. In an ever-changing industry, Mojico is eager to detail how the benefit of understanding developing technology is more vital than ever before.  

Student Mentality: Mojico detail how the millennial generation is eager to represent a generation that seeks continued learning, a trait at the centre of successful entrepreneurship. The generation is more inclined to be motivated by acts other than monetary rewards, seeking industries that provide business development programs, mentorship, and opportunities for continuous learning.  

Alternative Purpose: The millennial generation are proven to be motivated in their professional lives by more than salaries and bonuses, the age group seek purpose and meaning behind their working lives, more so than others before them, and potentially those that are set to follow them.  

Mojico is eager to encourage more sales and marketing companies to advertise to millennials, showing what the firm believes to be an unprecedented number of skills and qualities that fit in direct correlation with the industry. Mojico understands the importance of having a team of dynamic individuals during such an exciting time in the sector, particularly in the lead up to the New Year and well into 2018.  



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