Mojico Reveal 3 Reasons Humble Leaders are the Best Leaders

This week the firm has been concentrating their efforts on highlighting the importance of remaining humble, hoping to equip their workforce with the education and training required to be an authentic and reputable leader. 

The Sheffield based sales and marketing collective has been discussing how human nature dictates that individuals are more likely to admire leaders who refrain from bragging about their accomplishments. Other than the obvious fact show-boating success seems like an attempt at convincing others of their greatness; humility plays a vital role in being a good leader. Mojico have provided their team with three other reasons staying humble has a positive impact on any work environment:


  1. Everyone is Human

Acknowledging that, as a human, they are flawed and vulnerable, goes a long way towards a professional authenticating humanity and gaining the respect of others. Displaying common traits of human nature illustrates a depth of understanding and self-awareness which is paramount to working with a variety of differing personalities and people. Being self-revealing is an appealing quality that makes others feel accepted.


  1. Balanced Authority

Fear tactics, threats and intimidation are a sure fire way for a professional to lose all respect from their team members. Humble leaders see no need to abuse their status or power and instead use their position to encourage others. By demonstrating balanced authority, through delegating responsibility to those capable and talented, they let their team know they want to assist with both personal and shared team goals.


  1. Being Grateful

In this overly entitled and narcissistic world, many leaders can fall short when it comes to being grateful. The most impactful way to lead others is to consider and cherish the inclusion of all team members, dropping prejudices and welcoming everyone’s differences. Being thankful for the diversity of each member of a team adds to group morale. By also being grateful for the resources, opportunities and accomplishments of others, a professional will quickly become recognised for being a humble leader.



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