Mojico run an industry seminar on how to think big and accelerate success  

Mojico is the Sheffield based direct sales and marketing experts with a strong sense of development for their contractors. As such, the firm’s Managing Director, Roel Mojico has recently run a company-wide seminar based on the art of ‘thinking big’, to ensure young professionals can use the industry to drive their own self-development.  

The opening of the seminar saw Managing Director, Roel Mojico detail the importance of thinking big, the significance of this and techniques to ensure their positive mindset remains the motivator behind their aspirations. The successful entrepreneur stated during the seminar “The goal is to have all of you in this room right now to get to a stage where we can all think big and dream big, and you have to be willing to do the work”. 

The seminar covered a variety of aspects on the subject of aspirations, ensuring that young professionals must look toward their ultimate goals in both a personal and professional sense. Many aspiring entrepreneurs with the firm are hopeful to learn the skills and knowledge to be able to open their own businesses, Mojico advises that they must look toward their goals with a systematic mindset, pinpointing what they must achieve along their journey to make their dreams a reality.  

Mojico drew on his own experiences throughout the talk, providing a sense of personalisation to the motivation meeting, and prime examples throughout his life that have led to the entrepreneur’s success, and own business. The seminar touched upon other industries that rely upon a sense of education, both through self-taught and exposure to industry experts. The meeting explored the subject through examples such as sporting, art and musical industries, and how many individuals within these disciplines follow a defined route of setting their goals, establishing plans and ultimately putting these into action.  

Managing Director, Roel Mojico has detailed the importance of discipline, the sense of staying focused throughout each and every day, both within the field and further along within an entrepreneurial journey. The goals may change and develop throughout time, but the ultimate objective will remain the driving force behind motivations. 

The seminar aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs to ‘think big’ is the latest in a series ran by the firm’s Managing Director that is aimed at the development and success of young professionals. The company has an active business development programmes aimed at shaping the future leaders of the industry.  

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