The American Dream: Mojico Reveal Exciting Details of Trip to the U.S

Having recently returned home from the U.S. Roel Mojico was keen to divulge details of the team’s eye-opening trip overseas.

The Sheffield based sales and marketing firm are currently experiencing an influx of interest, with CEO Roel Mojico praising his contractors for their unwavering enthusiasm and for consistently performing at the top of their game. The business owner has revealed the trip to America was a great opportunity for the Mojico team to learn about the U.S. market, while also boost international brand awareness and networking with leading companies.

The Mojico team had planned the trip overseas to attend a prestigious awards rally in New York City and viewed the opportunity as a prime time to visit associates in Seattle, before flying to the East Coast. Reflecting on their time with fellow sales and marketing companies Roel explained; “It was a really fantastic way to get to know the high performers of the U.S. industry. We were able to observe their practice and listen to their experiences which has significantly incentivised us as a team; we are now striving to put our international plan into action.”

Roel has big goals for the next year, hoping to have established 15 owners in the UK by 2018 in order to actualise his dream of moving to the States to establish the Mojico brand in the U.S. market. During the company’s time in Seattle and New York, team members were able to build up a rapport with several high-profile members of the industry, something which the CEO believes is hugely important for any business hoping to expand overseas.

Roel believes the trip provided him with exactly the kind of motivation he needed to drive him further towards his plans for international domination. The CEO has revealed he is feeling more inspired than ever to make his American Dream, a reality.

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